17 september

Nasrdin Dchar's play "DAD" at Carré on Sunday September 17th at 16.00 hours

180 Amsterdammers and Carré theater are pleased to invite you for Nasrdin Dchar's play "DAD" at Carré on Sunday September 17th at 16.00 hours. The play is in Dutch.  

Exclusively for our 180 Amsterdammers group and their family members/friends, we have made tickets available with 50% off discount. Please use 180AMS promotion code in order to get the discount. 

DAD - Van Nasrdin Dchar 


How do you prepare for new life where you are fully responsible? A new life in this life. At this time. The fatherhood is also for  Nasrdin a confrontation with his roots and how important they are.
What elements of the country, the culture, his parents faith - all the things he has learned so naturally in his upbringing - is he going to transfer to his child?

DAD is an evening with the energy of an upcoming father. The one moment in the clouds and the next is terrified for the world in which he brings his child to it.

DAD is a show about paternity. About generations. About emigration. About then, now and later. About here and there. About fear. About love!


Visit Carré for more information about the play (in Dutch). 

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