14 juli

Bridgizz will organise an Inspire Up – inspiring network meeting for entrepreneurs – on friday the 14th of july at the Corendon Hotel in Amsterdam Nieuw West.

How do I get the most out of my company? How can you be innovative with a small budget? How can you contribute to a better image in your area? How can you upscale your company? These are some of the key issues during the first Inspire Up. The theme of the night is ''Start small, but think big''.  

Starting a company usually starts with a small idea, but how can you make a company bigger and why should you think big? Inspire Up wants to inspire entrepreneurs with stories of other entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who started with a small idea but made something big and successful out of it with innovation and perseverance. It is not about if it is possible, it is about where the opportunities are to make it possible.  


Besides the inspiring speeches during Inspire Up there is the unique opportunity to  network with successful entrepreneurs. Inspire Up inspires and gives ideas and tips to use in your own company.

This event is in collaboration with: Stadsdeel Nieuw West, 180 Amsterdammers, Corendon Hotel, Bridgizz and Diwan Awards.


Date and time: Friday 14th july 2017, 18:00 – 21:00 CEST

Venue: Corendon Vitality Hotel Amsterdam, Aletta Jacobslaan 7, 1066 BP Amsterdam 


We hope to see you at this special event. Please register to confirm your attendance info@bridgizz.com

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