31 December

Amsterdam UNITE - Spectacular fireworks show New Year's Eve at the Kop van Java.

On Sunday 31 December we will start the new year at the Kop van Java. At twelve o'clock there will be a fantastic fireworks show that is preceded by a special countdown. The fireworks can be seen by everyone from the Java Island and the Jan Schaeferbrug as well as from the Noordwwal (Amsterdam North).
Prior to the fireworks, the ambassadors of '180 Amsterdammers' will jointly greet the city. Simultaneosly the show will be screened live on different screens around the Kop van Java.
'Take good care of our city and of each other'
This special and beloved statement by Eberhard van der Laan has been an inspiration for the theme 'Amsterdam UNITE'. With a spectacular visualization of all 180 nationalities living together in Amsterdam, the theme is broadly spread throughout the event. Let us be kind to each other and our city and enter into this new year with this statement in mind.
A spectacular start to a new year, do not miss it!
The fireworks show is freely accessible to everyone, so come together with your loved ones and celebrate the New Year together with the rest of Amsterdam and enjoy this fantastic start of 2018.
Note: You are welcome from 23.30 hours. It is not allowed to bring your own fireworks within the public areas.
Amsterdam UNITE is made possible by the municipality of Amsterdam and Holland Casino.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/383121135459939

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