11 March

Women's March


180 Amsterdammers partner of Women's March

We are happy to announce that 180 Amsterdammers is a partner of the Women's March that's being held on Saturday, 11 March. 180 Amsterdammers is one of the projects we are currently working one. We would like to invite all of you to join the march on Saturday.


Women’s March for a united Netherlands

Thousands of Dutch women and men plan to march in Amsterdam to inspire people across the country to vote against hate

On Saturday, March 11th -- the weekend before the Dutch general elections, thousands of people plan to take to the streets in a giant and colourful march in central Amsterdam. The march is a positive response to the electoral rhetoric of division and will see thousands of people from across the country, and from all different parties, coming together to call for a united Netherlands, one that stands for equality, diversity and makes a strong call against racism and sexism.

Starting at 1pm at Dam Square the streets of Amsterdam will shine brightly, with thousands of people wearing pink and orange pussyhats, bringing creative home-made placards and all marching together for the Netherlands that they love.

The organisers of the Women’s March want to inspire people to use their right to vote on the 15th with a simple, clear message: “Our votes matter -- voor één Nederland, for a united Netherlands.” Some groups will be using the hashtag #orangeinside to show that no matter what colour, race or religion we have - on the inside we're all the same and will #voteagainsthate.

This women’s march was initiated by women, but is for everyone: regardless of creed, age, race, class, gender, sexual orientation and ability. Over 25.000 people have registered on the facebook event.

Route: Amsterdam Dam to Museumplein

13: 00h - Gathering on Dam Square
13: 05h - Speech
13: 15h - Start Signal Women's March
14: 30h - Arrival Museumplein
14: 30h - Various speakers and music
15: 00h - End

Petra Benach, initiator of Women’s March Amsterdam: “On Saturday, people from all across the political spectrum will march for a united Netherlands, to wake up our country to vote against hate and division. While some tell us that to be truly Dutch, you have to be one kind of person - we’re coming together to show hat more unites us than divides us and no one will drive us apart! Our country of love and compassion is at stake, and we are reclaiming it."

The first Women’s March in the Netherlands took place 21 January in Amsterdam and The Hague as part of over 700 demonstrations all over the world in response to Donald Trump’s inauguration. More than 5000 people participated in the Netherlands. The same organisers are now once again calling for action.


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