25 September

Parade van IEDER1

IEDER1 (EVERY1) is a new movement. A movement that gives a voice to all those people in the Netherlands who believe in the power of a diverse society. A group that is not often heard of nowadays. IEDER1 is concerned about the hardened public debate and persistent polarization. Personal concerns can differ, what connects us is the strong belief in a diverse society, in empathy, and in the willingness to listen and hear one another. A change in today’s atmosphere does not just happen. It is something you need to stand for.

During the Parade van IEDER1 we rise up and walk together, from the Bijlmer to the Museumplein to show that the Netherlands is for EVERY1. Join the Parade!

The Parade of EVERY1
Sunday 25 September, 12.30h
Start location: Arena Park Amsterdam


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