Fehiman Betül Kul (2006)


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Turkey in Amsterdam

Restaurant ┼×erifo─člu at Plein 40/45. There she eats delicious baklava and Turkish ice-cream

“I was born in Turkey and lived there until I was seven. My father and mother are divorced and after this my mother met my step-father. He was also Turkish, but lived in the Netherlands. On day my mother told me, “We’re moving to the Netherlands”. I thought it very exciting. I had never been there. I went to language classes first and had learned the language within six months. My teacher thought I did really well. I’m now at the Horizon junior school in De Aker. It really is my dream school. I’m in group five. I should be in group six, but I never knew anything about the country before I came here.

I think it’s a dream school because it’s very disciplined. Every lesson is planned. And we follow these plans for the entire day. Maths is planned from ten to eleven o’clock, and at exactly eleven o’clock we begin with the next lesson.

My parents don’t go to the mosque, but we pray at home. My mother wears a hijab and reads from the Quran. I don’t know if I’ll wear a hijab. I think so. It’s better, because then the boys aren’t distracted. People here might find it strange when I say that, because they’re not from the same culture.

I have lots of girlfriends here. They have to get used to the way I speak. Sometimes I jumble up my sentences. In Turkey all the girls in school were my friends. Everyone was sad to see me leave. They all cried. They gave me really sweet letters saying things like, “I hope you love it there”. My real father still lives in Turkey. I don’t want to go back there this summer, because it hurts so much when it’s time to say goodbye.”

41.012 people in Amsterdam have the Turkish nationality


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