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Jianmin Huang (1984) 

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Chinese porridge as breakfast and the weather. I can't get used to the weather. Lately it has been very windy, so I am still wearing my thermal underwear.

China in Amsterdam
Restaurant Nieuw King in Chinatown (Zeedijk) and Nyonya Malaysia, that is the best Asian restaurant in Amsterdam. Especially the Tarik tea, milk tea, Nyonya is the only restaurant in Amsterdam where you can drink that.

Photographing people in the streets

“I came to the Netherlands when I was sixteen. I had never been to Amsterdam and my first impression was of the chaos. I was quite shocks. It was overwhelming; I saw too many new things in one short time. Which was why things were so difficult in the beginning. I didn’t speak the language and everything was new.

I used to live in a village called Taishan. I suppose you could compare it with Assendelft. I grew up in a big house the country until I was eleven surrounded by plant life and with a lot of animals like dogs and cats. We also had snakes, which really frightened me. We had a fruit tree - a dragon eye. I loved to climb trees and one day I climbed one and found a bird’s nest. There were no birds, only the snake which had eaten them. I fell out of that tree. The neighbours came with a gun and shot that snake and I had to, according to Chinese tradition, eat the snake’s heart so I would stop being afraid. It didn’t help. I’m still scared of snakes.

I’ve now lived in Amsterdam for sixteen years and things have become less surprising. My parents decided to come here so that I would have a better chance in life. And Amsterdam has definitely offered me many opportunities to move forward. Thanks to those opportunities I have become a photographer. I began taking photographs in 2008 after I had bought my first ever camera. If I had stayed in China, I would never have had one. They are a luxury product over there.

I’m not married and have no children. My family hope this will change. If I had stayed in China I would have been married long ago. People tend to settle down much more quickly over there. Here you get more chances. It’s not that I’m picky, but you have more choice. In China, life is more basic and people tend to follow similar paths throughout life.”

2577 people in Amsterdam have the Chinese nationality


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