This is
Liam Osbourne (1985)

Lives in
Oud West

Country of Origin

In the Netherlands since

Brand manager

First impression 
It is the most beautiful city of the world

The sounds of the nature

Barbados in Amsterdam 
Hortus Botanicus

“I arrived in Schiphol on 17 August 2007. My parents were accompanying me to Leiden, where I would be studying, but we stayed in Amsterdam for a few days first. Love at first sight. I knew I wanted to end up here. I really felt at home, and the rhythm of the city was something I could connect with. I did two things in Amsterdam: I went on a boat trip on the canals and I ate fresh herring. When I finished my studies in the summer of 2010 I moved to Amsterdam.

I realise now that I really fell in love with Amsterdam on my first Gay Pride. The weather was great and everyone belonged. I felt so happy to be on one of the floats, surrounded by the emotion and openness of the crowds. It was beautiful.

I got emotional when I saw the rainbow flag of the Westerkerk. Such a feeling of tolerance and support. I then realised that this was my home, and I was so proud to be a part of this city.

I live together with a Dutch boy. He’s originally from Hoogeveen. We met online and our relationship coincided with his coming out. It was tough for him. Amsterdam has given us the opportunity to be together. The city brought us together and gave us the chance to build up a life as an interracial homosexual couple. We can do what any heterosexual couple can do here: hold hands, go for a romantic meal, and openly say, “I owe my relationship to the city”.”

12 people in Amsterdam have the Barbadian nationality


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