This is 
Vito Rozej (1974)

Country of Origin

Lives in

In the Netherlands since 


The clear seasons

Stroopwafels (syrup waffles) and the Nieuwmarkt

Can’t get here

Still would like to 
Open a puppetry in Noord  

“The first time I visited Amsterdam was 20 years ago, when I was as student. I came here for a concert. The first thing I noticed was the Red Light District. This was party-town. The second time I visited Amsterdam, I was in love. I came by car and never drove as fast as I did from Slovenia to Amsterdam. It was the day of a football match between the Netherlands and Germany. All the roads were empty. I was in love with my wife and Amsterdam was good to us. She lived in the Pijp where everything was colourful, full of energy. People here are very open minded. In Slovenia I was politically active and fought hard for gay rights. To this day the situation hasn’t improved.

What’s great about Amsterdam is that such things don’t matter here.  I like the fact that there are so many things in the Netherlands that aren’t given a second look. That’s why I wanted to come to Amsterdam. In the valleys of Slovenia you can’t see the expanse of the world. Here you can see and smell the world. I can literally feel the possibilities this city has to offer; the cosmopolitan feeling.

I worked as a puppeteer in Slovenia. Sometimes I feel the people of Amsterdam lack emotion. The pace is fast here. Life is hard, and shallow, and races by. When I work with my puppets, I try to encourage these hidden emotions to come out.

Everything in Amsterdam runs according to a system. For example, I wanted to rent a car and had my Slovenian ID with me, but not my passport. “No passport, no car”. ‘’Why not?’’ ‘’I don’t know,’’ was the answer, ‘’that’s the system.’’ And if you use the phone you will never hear another human being answer - Press one for this, press two for that…

Amsterdam has become the love of my life. Even though always, never and eternal are big words, my feelings towards Amsterdam will never change should it remain the same. I will do my best to hang on to our relationship; Amsterdam holds an important place in my heart. Even if I move, I will keep coming back. I will stay loving it.”

176 people in Amsterdam have the Slovenian nationality



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