This is
Halldóra Thórsdóttir (1984) 

Lives in  Amsterdam

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since 


First impression 
A city with a rich history and a small amount of  cars 

Iceland in the Netherlands 
The smell of the sea

The language and the nature 

Favourite place 
I live in Oost and I love Oost. The Flevopark is really fun. And I like to walk through Zeeburg on the KNSM-island 

Wants to scatter her ashes in

“I came to Amsterdam as a student in August 2009. I had wanted to go to a good university, and study in a place that was both fun and interesting. I had never been to Amsterdam, but I was convinced it would be great. Now I live here, I can confirm that Amsterdam is a great place to be.

Before I came here I thought that Amsterdam was a very large city; much larger than it actually is. I might have come to this conclusion because everyone knows about Amsterdam - it’s famous all around the globe. But it’s actually quite small. You can travel everywhere on the bicycle. It’s a very humanitarian city. By living here I have become less judgmental. People from Iceland tend to be shocked about the open prostitution in Amsterdam; it would never be allowed in our country.

What I really notice in Amsterdammers is how they are very direct. You will always get honest feedback. They aren’t scared to criticise. They don’t do this to be mean, but to be constructive. Which I think is great. The downside of this directness is that it sometimes comes at the most unexpected moments. My sister and I went to the beach with some friends to teach ourselves kite flying, and it didn’t go too well. Then a man walked by and said, “You really can’t do it, can you? My six year old son can do better”.

My Dutch boyfriend and I have a six month old daughter. I think my family would prefer that we lived closer to them, but my parents also lived abroad and understand the situation better. I speak Icelandic to my daughter, so that she will be able to communicate with my family there. My boyfriend speaks to her in Dutch.”

120 people in Amsterdam have the Icelandic nationality


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