This is 
Kanykei Dordoeva (1992)

Lives in
Oostelijk Havengebied


In the Netherlands since 

In business finance

First impression
The fresh air

cycling through  Amsterdam 

The colorful clothes that they wear. Everyone here wears neutral and often black clothes 

Kyrgyzstan in Amsterdam                                
Just out of the city, for example when you go to Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. The landscape is different than in Kyrgyzstan, but the feeling of space and being in the nature, reminds me of Kyrgyzstan. Then memories pop up, I used to go hiking in the mountains every other weekend with my father.

Still would like to
Visit the National Opera & Ballet

“The first time I came to Amsterdam, it was 2012. I stayed with friends in a hostel in the middle of the red light district. It was full of tourists, and was full of contrast. I found Amsterdam a really interesting place to be. The second time I came to Amsterdam was when I moved here. It was the summer of 2013 and I was to study my Master’s degree at the UvA.

I immediately noticed how crisp the air was. It smells like the sea, or water. I fell for this city hook, line and sinker, which was also thanks to my studies and the UvA buildings. They are beautiful, and old. I got to know the city on my bike, which was a real challenge.

Amsterdam has a very individual and independent character. Amsterdammers think about themselves first, and by this I don’t mean they’re unkind, but their attitude is very different to that of people in Kirgizstan. We have a greater sense of community there, and everything is centred on close and more distant family members.

Time is important here. Everyone’s always planning something at least three weeks beforehand. In Kirgizstan people tend to be less restricted and more spontaneous, you got to visit someone when you feel like it, or you call to ask if you can eat with them the same evening. These past three years I can say that I have become a tiny bit ‘Amsterdammer’. I plan to become more of one.”

31 people in Amsterdam have the Kyrgyzstani  nationality


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