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Ireland in Amsterdam

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“The first time I came to Amsterdam was in 2008. I and a friend had inter-rail tickets, and we booked a hotel online. It turned out to be in Utrecht, which we thought was a suburb of Amsterdam. I remember Amsterdam being very crowded, and very cool. It remains top of the list of everything I have seen since.

In Ireland, I fell in love with a Dutch girl and moved to Amsterdam in 2010 to be with her. We were a couple for six months, before we moved in together in a student container-home. It was quite a shock to move from a small village to a huge site with 4000 student container-homes, but it's really great that everyone speaks English. Only once did someone refuse to speak English to me, but that was a 92 year old lady.

I live in Amsterdam East and to be honest, the fun’s only really getting started. I know everyone from the butcher to the grocer. Amsterdam is like a huge village; I’m always bumping into someone I know. A lot more than I would in, say, Dublin.

There are lots of moments that make me realise how much I really love this city. Some time ago, I was working on a construction site and had to ride my bike to work very early in the morning. It was August, foggy and sunny, and the entire city was empty. Wow! Where else are you going to experience something like that? There was also this one time I joined in on a water fight in Roest. No one knew each other, but by the end of the day I had 12 new friends! These are the kinds of things that make me think, ''I love this city!''

My parents knew the girl I left Ireland for, so they were completely supportive in my decision. My mum told me that someone from our village had asked her how I was getting on. My mum replied: ''He's living in Amsterdam'', to which the woman gave her a look as if to say, ''Oh God, she's lost her son to drugs and sex."

The nicest place in Amsterdam to me is t’IJ brewery in the Eastern district. There's always someone to talk to and it always has a nice mix of people. There are a few tourists, but it also has its locals and closes at a decent hour, so you won't be in trouble when you get home.”

1.372 people in Amsterdam have the Irish nationality.


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