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Angel Trinidad (1985) 

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Vincent van Gogh, his life inspires me 

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First impression of Amsterdam
Love at first sight 

“I met my Dutch boyfriend, Mark, in Sweden in 2010 where I happened to be studying. He was on holiday, and we met on a night out. We ended up having a long distance relationship, and then in 2012 I went to live with him in Arnhem.

We’ve now been living in Amsterdam for 8 months, but I’ve been in the Netherlands for longer than that so that first difficult phase is long behind me. I’m now aware of the culture differences. After living in a number of different countries over the last few years (Germany, Spain and Sweden), I have learned how important it is to have friends. Luckily, I make friends easily. I have an open mind, as well as a curious one. Always answer with a ‘yes’!

I met some great friends at Subbacultcha concerts in the ‘Nieuwe Anita’ where people with similar tastes in music come together. A girl there invited me to her house to watch a documentary about Shoegaze music. That might not seem like anything particularly special, but the fact that she invited me over to her house meant something to me. It felt intimate, and I felt welcome. A real Amsterdammer.

Amsterdam has ‘cafe culture’. In the Philippines it’s more ‘food culture’. Or maybe more of a ‘shopping mall culture’. In the malls you have shops, air conditioning and food courts, with really tasty, cheap food. It’s a social event. Friends and family will hang out together, gossip and eat a really good meal.

When you eat out in Amsterdam, it’s expensive. Which is why the Dutch tend to meet up for coffee, which of course is also a social occasion? In the Philippines there’s also a massive ‘fast-food culture’. Fast-food isn’t the same over there as it is here, but I still go to the KFC and Burger King to meet other Pilipinos. Fast-food attracts us; it reminds me of my culture. Ha ha ha!”

1108 people in Amsterdam have the Philippian nationality


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