This is
Julia Lomoro (1974)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since

Mentor in art and yoga teachter for special target groups

First impression of Amsterdam
It is beautiful here!

Being together without any pressure from duties

“Wow, it’s beautiful here!”. When I first arrived in Amsterdam, I immediately fell in love with the city. I said to my boyfriend at the time, “We’re staying. We’ve got passports, toothbrushes and a credit card. What more do we need?” My boyfriend, family and friends thought I was nuts. “You’ve smoked too many joints, Julia”, they told me. “You’ve got everything you want: house, car, job”. But I had to leave. I wanted more from life and they say it’s easier to move on than change your environment. So I told the, “I’m going to find my real home”. And home was Amsterdam.

In the first years, there were no obstacles in my way. Love makes you blind. Love for the city. I met my husband, the father of my children. We quickly moved in together at his house in the Indian district. He had lived there for 8 years, but after I moved in we got to know everyone in no time. My husband asked, “How did you manage that?” “How can you not you manage it?” was my reply. I make friends easily and am extremely open. I don’t find that the Dutch people have this quality. I have lots of girlfriends here in Amsterdam, mainly Latino women. Getting to know Dutch women takes a lot more energy to get an intimate conversation rolling. Occasionally, an evening with some wine will get them more communicative, but the next day at the school gates they have become distant again. When I then ask, “How are you?” they will answer, “I’m fine”. And I’m thinking, yesterday you were in tears, crying about the way your relationship is going. Hollanders say everything’s fine much too easily, it can’t always be true. Life isn’t always positive.

In general, I’m still very happy with my decision to live here. I’m still madly in love with the city!”

368 people in Amsterdam have the Argentinian nationality


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