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Blanca Vergara (1970)

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Firt impression of Amsterdam 
You can be who you want to be here

“When my relationship with my boyfriend ended and I had handed in my notice at work, I came to a crossroads in my life. A really good friend, originally from India, said, “You could go back to Mexico, but not before you’ve lived in Amsterdam for a while”. Which I did. During my first years in Amsterdam I wasn’t happy at all. I worked in a firm in the northern district which I didn’t find at all stimulating. Luckily for me, the firm had to make cut-backs, and I was fired.

I suddenly had time for myself, which I spent running in Vondel Park. For some crazy reason I had dreamed of doing something like this. So a dream came true, which is the most amazing gift I could ever receive. I become a proper Amsterdammer when I’m in the Vondel Park; I allow myself to see, feel and experience everything Amsterdam has to offer here. And I fell in love with the city. I got to know myself thanks to Amsterdam. It was the perfect environment to think about what I wanted out of life. I had been so down, so unhappy, and Amsterdam finally opened my eyes. Totally at odds with my Mexican nature, and much more like an assertive Dutch woman, I told a guy, “I think you’re in love with me”. After the third time of my saying this he answered, “No, I’m not”. But I had already fallen deeply in love with him and couldn’t handle the friendship as it was. I returned to Mexico. A month later he sent me a text saying, “I miss you”. When I returned to Amsterdam I visited him at home. He hugged me and said, “I love you”. Since then we have married and now have two children. Both were home births, which is almost impossible to comprehend in Mexico. As is the fact that Bertil is younger is than me; there’s a five year difference. Oh, and also the fact that we’re not married. I don’t care. From starting out as a cut-throat career woman, I became what I am now, here in Amsterdam. I dare to be who I am. My business card states: Dare to be the CEO OF YOU raise your life from fine to epic.”

493 people in Amsterdam have the Mexican nationality


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