This is
Ana Ivencic (1991) 

Country of Origin

In the Netherlands since

De Pijp en the Amstel en her boyfriend for whom she came to the Netherlands

Croatia in Amsterdam 

Albert Cuyp Market 

Vegeta, a Croatian herb 

“The first time I heard about Amsterdam was in primary school in Croatia. Back then, I couldn’t really form a clear picture of the city and never could have imagined living there. However, there's nothing you won't do for love and I ended up accompanying my boyfriend to Amsterdam in September 2015. He started on his Master’s degree while I looked for a job.

It wasn't easy, and the weather didn’t help at all. At first it was pouring with rain all the time. I also can't say I love Amsterdam. I don't think it's because of the city itself, it's just very frustrating when you can't find a job. Because of this, I miss Croatia so much more, especially because I really enjoyed my job there.

Luckily for me, I can really begin to explore the city now, as I have finally found myself a new job! I really like going to the Pijp and I love the Amstel.”

688 people in Amsterdam have the Croatian nationality. 


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