Stephanie Spanou (1994)

Country of Origin

In the Netherlands sinds 


Student International Business

The vibe in Amsterdam

Still would like to 
Learn Dutch in order to find a job

“I had heard about Amsterdam well before I moved here, but always with negative connotations - the drugs, the prostitution, etc. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I came here for the first time to visit my boyfriend who was studying here. I thought it was an amazingly beautiful city and knew right away that I would come and live here. At that time I was still studying in England, but the moment I got my bachelor’s degree my boyfriend asked, ''Why don't you come live here for a while?'' Within two weeks I had collected my things together and arrived at Amsterdam airport. This was at the end of August 2015. The first couple of months were a little challenging, being in a new city and all. Not speaking the language makes it difficult to find a job, for example. I haven't been here for long and thanks to my studies I will have to go back to England, but I really love Amsterdam and can see myself coming back here in the near future. What I like most is the vibe. This city is so alive, but so relaxed at the same time. That's what makes it an amazing place to live.

My parents weren't really supportive about my decision to move to Amsterdam, but as time passes by they’re getting used to the idea and are excited about my moving back here eventually.

Leaving Amsterdam broke my heart. But I'm glad it's more of a '’see you soon’ than a ‘goodbye’. “

87 people in Amsterdam have the Cypriot nationality 


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