This is
Vesko Eschkenazy (1970) 

Country of Origin

In the Netherlands since

Violinist, concertmaster of the Royal Concerthall Orchestra

Canal cruises 

First impression of Amsterdam
The free spirit 
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

“I only recently moved to Amsterdam. It has always been a dream of mine and now that dream has come true. From my first moments here, it was love at first sight. I lived in the Gooi - in Huizen - for twenty years and thought I would never leave. But that’s all in the past.

I knew of Amsterdam through the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and its international reputation. I've now been part of this beautiful orchestra for fifteen years as principle violinist. The Concertgebouw means a lot to me, both in my private as well as in my professional life. That's why I would describe it as the most beautiful and the most special place in Amsterdam.

I offer Amsterdam the best of my talents: playing the violin. What I get out of Amsterdam is probably the plethora of social opportunities and the multitude of ways one can enjoy this beautiful place.

My first time in Amsterdam was at Schiphol airport. It felt right from the very first moment. I could feel that this was a good place. Because I travel a lot with the orchestra, I still come to Schiphol regularly and am always reminded of that initial feeling. Of course, I knew the city before I moved here, but I still admire its beauty every time I see it.

Friends, family, colleagues, everyone I know is very happy for me, happy that I'm living in Amsterdam. They all know this has always been a special dream of mine. One of our two children also lives in Amsterdam. As a family, we enjoy the beauty and congeniality of this city time and time again. “

2.958 people in Amsterdam have the Bulgarian nationality


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