This is
Eva Henning (1973)

Country of origin

Lives in

In the Netherlands since

Owner of a ballet school 

Still would like to 
Spend the night in Het Rijksmuseum to observe everything in peace and quiet

The nature, the mountains and Austrian goulash. You can’t get that in a restaurant in Amsterdam. And I don’t know how to make it. That’s something for the older generation with a lot of experience.

Austria in Amsterdam
Bettina Bakt in the van Woustraat, they have Austrian bread and pastries

“I barely knew Amsterdam. Of course I had heard about it. It had a pretty heavy reputation in the nineties. I thought everything was possible here: drugs and living the Vida Loca.

Amsterdam and me?  Love at first sight. But over the years I’ve not been completely blinded by love; I also see its less positive traits. It’s terribly crowded and busy here. It’s a small city and everyone wants to live in the small part where it’s the most beautiful. I have to share my address with a lot of people. When I go shopping with my kids, we have to push our way through the huge crowds of tourists in front of the local coffee shop.

My children are proper Amsterdam kids. This is their life. They go to school here. I really love the fact that my kids live in Amsterdam. Kids from Amsterdam have something special. They communicate, they are open. They are subjected to a wide range of opinions and raised surrounded by culture. They go everywhere on school trips. Childcare is incredible here. Everywhere you go there’s a little playground, and if something in the playground is broken it gets fixed immediately. We never had that in Austria.

Life is very expensive here. You have to work all the time. That’s also Amsterdam mentality: work to live. You can’t hold back. Everyone is constantly busy changing their personal little space. Entire basements are being dug out just for an extra metre of space.

I cycle over the Keizersgracht to work every day, and really love it. It’s so beautiful there. I really wanted to live on the canal, but that’s way too expensive. But at least I can still admire it, without having to own it.”

621 people in Amsterdam have the Austrian nationality



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