This is 
Angelique Cachia (1967)

Country of Origin

Lives in
Centrum (Jordaan)

In the Netherlands since 


The weather and my family

To discover new places in the city together with my wife

Still would like to 
Climb the Westertoren 

“My roots are in Malta, where I was born and where I lived until I was twelve years old. But as that famous song goes, ’To the canals of Amsterdam I lost my heart’. Without Amsterdam my life would have been very different. In this city I experienced my ‘coming out’, I met my wife, I studied and I worked.

For my wife and I, the most romantic place in Amsterdam is the ship ‘The End of the World’ near Java-eiland. We got married there on a beautiful, sunny day in 2012.

I’m happy that Amsterdam - as a city - is not overtly harmonious. It bustles; lots of interesting people live here and the culture is extremely varied. Throughout my years here I have really enjoyed the nightlife - from the opera to Gay Pride. It’s all within walking and cycling distance.

I love the variety that Amsterdam has to, and the fact that it’s constantly changing. What I enjoy less is the increasing hordes of visitors who associate Amsterdam with an ‘anything goes’ mentality. Because of this, I sometimes feel as if I’m living in an amusement park.

But I still love living here, and have learned to love this city. I’m definitely planning to stay here for the rest of my life.”

39 people in Amsterdam have the Maltese nationality


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