Northern Ireland

This is
Hugh Breen (1985)

Country of origin
Northern Ireland 

In the Netherlands since


Gaelic Football (ball game from Ireland)

Stil wants to 
Buy a house in Amsterdam

Wants to be burried in 
Northern Ireland 

“I love living abroad. I’ve lived in San Fransisco and when I returned to Northern Ireland I couldn’t wait to get away. Not because I don’t like it there, but just because I love living abroad. I came to Amsterdam in 2012 and I’m still here.

I love the way of life here, the different people and cultures. I find the language the hardest part. I just can’t manage it. I can ride a bike really well. But I’m always losing my bike. I’m forever forgetting where I put it, and I’ve lost a lot of them.

My parents recently visited for the first time. They loved it. I showed them the museums and we went to the Wallen and Volendam. They think it’s great that I live here, as long as I’m happy. I go to see them twice a year. It’s only an hour’s flight. The best time to go back is at Christmas. It’s totally different over there. A lot of people live abroad and only go home at Christmas. Christmas is about spending time together. So it’s great to see everyone again and have fun. But for New Year I’m back here. They have the best parties here.

I mostly hang out in expat circles. Amsterdam has a lot of expats. I love meeting people from all over the world. But I also think Amsterdammers are great people who know how to enjoy life. And their direct way of talking, nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s good to always know where you stand.”


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