This is
Jampara Makangira (1960)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since


First impression of Amsterdam

Felt like coming home 

Still wants to
Preform at the Museum Square

Burundi in Amsterdam
De Bijlmer

“When I was fifteen I played for a football club in Burundi called Ajax. Because of this, I heard about Ajax in Amsterdam and the legendary Johan Cruijff. When I was twenty-one I left to live in Amsterdam. I wanted to travel the world, wanted to know what happened on the other side of the globe. With just a bag and a few pairs of trousers, shirts and slippers I arrived here. It wasn’t my plan to stay and work here forever. I only really came to smoke some weed. I ended up staying here, as I thought it was great.

As a musician I travel the world. When I get back to Amsterdam I’m always really happy. Amsterdam is the most beautiful city in the world. And Capetown. I can compare it to Amsterdam. I miss nothing about Burundi. Except people: friends, family. But I now know more Dutch people than Burundians.

I still smoke weed. In the comfort of my own home. Coffee shops used to be pleasant places. Now they have become too commercial and only tourists visit them.

I have four children. All Amsterdammers. I am no longer with their mothers. My children sometimes call me papa, sometimes Jampara. We don’t see each other very often, but we love each other and that is more important.

I am a normal, small guy. I’m not rich, but am more than happy. I don’t know anyone who’s happier than me. I’ve done everything, had everything, have no stress, don’t need to be a millionaire or fancy car. As long as I can play my guitar.

I have played everywhere, except in the Vondelpark and on the Museumplein. As a proper Amsterdammer I really think I should play there.”

52 people in Amsterdam have the Burundian nationality


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