This is
Talbert James Boef (1973) 

Country of Origin

In the Netherlands since

Owner of a marketing agency 

Business and sports

Dominica in Amsterdam 
Planet Rose Caribbean restaurant, a Jamaican restaurant. She makes a real Caribbean jar which looks like Dominican food. Unfortunately the restaurant is closed now.  

First impression of Amsterdam 
Big and impressive


The nature. It's so beautifull over there. It's tropical and everywhere hangs fruit. 

“I was born on Dominica and loved there for four years. My father died before I was born and my mother was not able to care for me. So a second cousin adopted both me and my sister. First we lived on Curacao and then we moved to Leiden. My stepmother lived in Amsterdam, so I often came to the city as a child and from a young age this city made a deep impression. Very exciting and very big.

When I was given the chance, after my studies, to rent a house in Amsterdam for nine months I jumped at the chance. I still love the bustling, active diversity this city has to offer. I don’t find it so big anymore, it’s actually a village.

The way of life on Dominica cannot be compared with the lifestyle here. There you work when you need the money and stop when you have enough. Everything is done in a relaxed manner and tomorrow is just another day. There is plenty to eat and that’s all you need.

I have a five year old son. I try to pass on that idea of enjoyment one can only experience on Dominica. Of course, life here is based on achievement, but you also learn to enjoy life. At school he says, “my father comes from a hot country”. I’m secretly proud that he made his first steps on Dominica during a holiday there.

Amsterdam gives me a sensation of freedom; people do their own thing here and choose their own paths. The international and multicultural character of this city makes me feel good and I love living here, but my heart will always have a place for Dominica.”

8 people in Amsterdamhave the Dominican nationality


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