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Ghadeer Alkiyumi (1992)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since

Associated Sales Representative

Camping on the beach, in the mountains or in the dessert of Oman

Still wants to 
Learn how to cook Dutch food 

“At work we were asked if someone wanted to apply for a position in Amsterdam. Of course, I wanted to. Who wouldn’t want to go to Amsterdam. I had seen photos of the city on the Internet and had thought straight away, “I can see myself living there!”. And now I am living here, I can only confirm this. Even though I had a bit of a shock as far as the weather was concerned. I arrived in the summer, but was still cold. I wore three layers of clothes. People laughed at me and said, “wait until it’s winter”.

What really strikes me about Amsterdammers is that they are so friendly. The first thing you see on an Amsterdammer is a smile. I was a bit worried about coming to a country where smoking weed is legal, but now I’m living here I realise this wasn’t necessary. Everyone’s completely responsible, whether they’re drunk or high or not.

My first two weeks here were spent in a hostel in West. They really helped me to find my bearings in Amsterdam. I could ask them anything: filling in forms, how to find an appartment, where the bank was. In Oman you don’t pay tax and so this subject was completely covered,  too.

The best tip I could give is to just ‘be yourself’. Amsterdammers prefer it if you just be yourself. You are allowed to be whoever you want to be here without being judged. I think this is incredible!

I was once told that learning Dutch would be easy as there are similarities in the pronounciation of the letter ‘g’ in Arabic and Dutch, but I still can’t speak it. I’d love to learn, though.”

2 people in Amsterdam have the Omani nationality


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