This is 
Dimitris Chalkias (1983)

Country of Origin

Lives in
Nieuw West

In the Netherlands since 

Operation coordinator at booking.com 

the sun and the light, it’s always dark here

Greece in Amsterdam
The Greek restaurant Morena & mobile Cantina at the Waterlooplein. There they even have food from my hometown.

First impression of Amsterdam
So many bikes!   

‘’I was about 5 or 6 years old when I saw, for the first time on colour television, a Dutch national football team match. The atmosphere in that stadium! I was really impressed and this woke an interest in the country.

In 2009 I came for a 10 day visit to Amsterdam.  I wanted to see what it was really like. I was 27 years old and had decided that I didn’t want to live in Greece anymore. I immediately fell in love with Amsterdam - all those bicycles and the way the people moved around and interacted; so many nationalities and yet everybody living together peacefully. I decided to save up, and in April 2010 I came to Amsterdam to live.

The first months were difficult because I was searching for both a job and a house. I stayed at the friend of a friend’s place before finally finding something through an agency. One morning I was greeted by the police and a bailiff at the front door. It turned out that I wasn’t renting from the owner, but subletting, and although the person I was renting the house from got my money, she hadn’t paid her own rent. I had to grab what I could before leaving, because everything would be confiscated until the rent got paid.

An hour later I was standing outside with one suitcase and some money, but most of my stuff had to be left behind. ‘’Welcome to Amsterdam’’ said the police officer.

1.855 people in Amsterdam have the Greek nationality



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