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Aurelie Fanchette (1997)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since

The beach

Medicine student

First impression of Amsterdam
Grey and well organized infrastructure

Swimming and music

Would like to

Seychelles in the Netherlands
Hortus Bontanicus

“As swimming star of the national team I had already been to competitions in Europe. So when it was time to study further I already knew I wanted to move to Europe. I had heard wonderful things about Amsterdam from a friend who lived there, as well as seen it in photographs. I wanted to see it with my own eyes and therefore chose to follow a course in business here. As regards the beauty of the city, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It was even more beautiful than the photographs. I arrived in August when the sun was shining - which I later realised was not a common occurrence.

Business studies as another story. It didn’t seem to be my kind of thing. From October I switched to study medicine. Unfortunately, not in Amsterdam. They only teach in Dutch here, which I can’t even speak, let alone study in. I would have to go to Maastricht or Groningen where lessons are given in English. But these cities meant nothing to me. So I will be leaving for Milan.

I will miss Amsterdam. Especially places like the Vondel park. In the quiet spots in a beautiful clearing between the trees and water I can almost imagine I’m in the Seychelles: an island group with over one hundred and fifty islands, only ten of them inhabited. The beach there, only two minutes from my home, is paradise compared to the beaches of the North sea. But in Amsterdam there is so much to do. Shops and shopping, the cinema, bowling or just walking through town. The beach in the Seychelles remains just that...a beach. Here I’m always discovering something new and there’s always something to see. Perhaps I’ll come back one day, or live somewhere else in Europe. But I could end up on a tropical island. I’m still young. The most important thing now is to pass my entrance exams.”

3 people in Amsterdam have the Seychellois nationality. 


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