This is
Elmo Cohen (2011)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since

First impression of Amsterdam
The bell towers

Favorite spot in Amsterdam
Nemo Science Center

Australia in Amsterdam

Grandad and grandma. And the beach

Would like to
Eat a hot-sausage-sandwich at Van Dobben

“Australia is a very big island and the Netherlands is tiny. They have very different things here. The have the Jumbo. I love chips with mayonnaise, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate spread. In Australia I always ate sushi. I like to go shopping with my mum and dad, especially here on the square next to the baker. I love black bread.

We came here in the aeroplane. Dad’s from Australia and my mum from the Netherlands. I have a grandmother in Enschede. I played computer games on the plane. First we rented a house on the Nieuwendammerdijk. Now we live there, around the corner. I go to school on the bike. I have new friends there. I love sport and watch fitness programmes. I am working on my abs. Oh, and I’ve just got my A-diploma.

On Wednesdays it’s hotdog day and we go to the Hema. It’s fun at the Hema. So is Artis and Nemo. I want to go back to Australia when I’m finished with school. I miss my grandad and granny. I dream in English and in Dutch.”

1.206 people in Amsterdam have the Australian nationality. 


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