This is
Adeniyi Brown Balgon (1975)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since

First impression of Amsterdam


Nigeria in Amsterdam
Bijlmer area

Would like to
Become a cameraman

“I was married to a Dutch woman with Suriname roots and via her I came to live in Amsterdam five years ago. Unfortunately, we are no longer together. Three years ago we divorced. Since then I have a new girlfriend who is originally from Ghana.

Before I arrived in Amsterdam I had to do my assimilation exam. From the books I had to read I learned that Amsterdam was an expensive city to live in, but that everyone has the same rights, rich or poor.

I came here in the winter and found it extremely cold. I love Amsterdam in the summer, but in the winter I don’t like it. You have to wear a coat and layers of clothes. In the summer I like going to the Dam. Just to sit and people-watch.

I haven’t seen my family since I left. I miss them so much. Of course, we communicate via Skype and Facebook, and that’s when I tell them that Amsterdam is just like the Nigerian capital of Lagos, where I grew up. I’ve not yet managed to save up to buy a ticket there. They have never been here. If they did, I would take them to Artis. When I first lived here, I worked in the restaurant there. The animals and nature at Artis make me think of Nigeria.

What I miss is Nigerian food, especially the way it tastes. I think the food here is nothing to write home about, and it needs pepper. What I do like to eat is a cheese sandwich. I feel like an Amsterdammer as I’ve lived here for five years and know the culture. The best thing about Amsterdammers is that they don’t discriminate.”

1.327 people in Amsterdam have the Nigerian nationality. 


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