This is
Pensiri Sopawan (1977)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since


First impression of Amsterdam
The enormous amount of bikes

Rowing and running

Sweet mango

Would like to
See snow

“I first saw my Dutch boyfriend six years ago when I was working in a spa at a Bangkok tennis club. He was playing in a tournament and I thought he was cute, with a gorgeous smile. We started a relationship and lived together in Bangkok. But when he got a permanent job offer in Holland I went there with him and for the past sixteen months I’ve lived together with him in de Pijp.

The first time I came to Amsterdam, the bicycles scared me. And everywhere was so busy. Now I love it and even ride a bike myself. For example, on Sunday I rode to the farm at Klarenbeek aan de Amstel where they grow fruit and vegetables.

My parents miss me and of course I miss them, too. But they are happy because I am happy here. We call each other three times a week and thanks to that I don’t suffer from homesickness. In the past sixteen months I’ve been back twice. I doubt whether they will ever visit me in Amsterdam. They are both quite old, my father is blind, and my mother is scared of flying. When I talk to them on the phone I tell them all about Amsterdam, how it is such a beautiful city, and about my going to Dutch lessons, and about my job. I make the lunches for two software companies. I often make knackwurst, but also make a lot of Thai snacks.

I am Buddhist. I pray at home and go to the temple on the Zeedijk. Buddhism brings my heart to rest and gives me a feeling of peace. According to my friend it does give me an aura of restfulness and acceptance of life. I try not to be biased and do not allow myself to be judgemental.

I would love to see snow again. Since I’ve lived here it hasn’t properly snowed. Once we had sleet and I and my Thai friends were over the moon. But my boyfriend says that we’ll go crazy when the real snow falls and we can make a snowman.”

622 people in Amsterdam have the Thai nationality. 


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