This is
Ana Basheleishvili (1986)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since 

Lives in

Business controller by TomTom

Summer and festivals

Georgia in Amsterdam
‘Georgia looks very different and has another mentality. Also there is no Georgian restaurant in Amsterdam. I think that's fine, I wanna be in Amsterdam.'  

‘My family and my hairdresser. Every half year I go back and then I also make an appointment with my hairdresser!'

Would like to
Buy her own appartment

“I was twenty one when I was given the opportunity to visit Amsterdam with a friend. It imprinted itself into my mind, and after the trip I always thought of Amsterdam as the cool place to be. That I would ever come here to live seemed impossible. Georgia isn’t a member of the European Union, so to be able to live and work in Amsterdam is far from easy. However, I applied for a job at TomTom three years ago, and within a few weeks the die was cast; I was going to move to Amsterdam. Fantastic!

My entire family lived in Georgia; I’m the only one living abroad. It didn’t surprise anyone; I’ve always enjoyed travelling. My mother was especially proud that I made it so far. She’s already visited me a few times and understands that I feel the most comfortable over here. Amsterdam has a city mentality, but is compact and beautiful. The diversity the free spirit of its population, and the cultural opportunities makes Amsterdam the perfect place for me. I can’t get used to the weather, though. I need the sun. But yeah, if the sun always shone here, life would just be too good to be true.

I admire Dutch men. They’re really good looking. At least one in five looks great. There’s also more equality between men and women; men cook here! In Georgia we are stuck with a real macho-culture. Men just don’t do kitchens in Georgia.

Amsterdam has encouraged me to be myself. Georgia is bursting with unwritten rules telling you how to behave. Over here you can be successful; every opportunity is handed to you on a plate. This city has formed my persona, in some ways. I feel comfortable, and strong. I’d enjoy staying here for longer; at least an extra 5 years, and then I’ll think about it again.”

90 people in Amsterdam have the Georgian nationality


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