This is 
Adnan Bushnaq (1989)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since 

Lives in


Mixed martial arts

First impression of Amsterdam 
Feel save

Favourite spot
‘I have twenty-five favourite places. I have a notebook with my favourites spots and places I would like to visit. I love my neigbhorhood. Also Plek in North is my favourite, even as Soundgarden in West and the Westerpark. Then I take my guitar to make music and my camera to take pictures. I also like Nieuwe Anita, it's a place to watch comedy for a nice price. And ofcourse the Amsterdam canals.

The real hummus

Would like to
‘Bring the Arabic food to Amsterdam. Once I took friends to Jordan to taste a lot of different food. I ordered in the Jordan-way: a comprehensive and dining table full of all sorts of goodies. One of my friends said: ''Later when I'm old and grey, I tell my grandchildren all about this.'' They really liked it. When I open a Jordan restaurant, it would be a big hit!'


“I met my Dutch girlfriend when she came to Jordan. We fell in love and wanted to be together, but it was very hard for me to come to the Netherlands on a permanent basis. We tried to live in Jordan, but my girlfriend didn’t enjoy it. After a lot of paperwork and patience I was finally able to come here and have lived in Amsterdam for the past ten months.

Amsterdam is a totally different scene from Jordan. It’s paradise for someone from the Middle East. I’m an artist and make films and paint. Jordan is much more conservative and for an artist Amsterdam is full of inspiration. Every day I come across new places. In the area where I live I’ve still only seen half of it. It really is heaven, artistically speaking.

The Netherlands is a very honest country. The police respect everyone. It doesn’t matter what class you come from, whether you’re rich or poor, they will help you when you need help. When I came here I had to follow an assimilation course. I learned about Dutch laws. Because of this, I love the country even more. I always had to fight for my rights in Jordan. Here the battle for health and happiness has already been won. I think raising kids here would be fantastic, if only for the fact that there’s no war here. But also for the feeling that if something goes wrong, the state will look after you.

What I miss is the feeling that everyone knows each other. In Jordan you say hello to everyone you pass on the street - the neighbour, the shop keeper, the passer-by. Here people only say hello if they already know each other. Only on Koningsdag when everyone is partying is everybody a friend.”

155 people in Amsterdam have the Nicaraguan nationality


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