This is
Chiakai Yang (1980)

Country of origin

In Amsterdam since
7 years

Lives in

Financial Manager

To watch people

Myanmar in Amsterdam
‘There is a lot of places to eat Thai food, but this is different than Myanmarees food. There is an Orientalshop in South East and a shop at the Albert Cuypmarket were you can by typical herbs to make it more Myanmarees. Although I mostly cook Italian food.'

The mountains. In Myanmar are a lot of mountains. You're just a little piece of the whole nature. The IJsselmeer gives me the same feeling.'

Would like to
Swim in the canals during the Amsterdam City Swim, but first I have to learn how to swim.

“Seven years ago I came to Amsterdam to study for my masters. I always wanted to live in a city where people are free to live life as they please. I was familiar with famous Netherlanders such as Kluivert and wanted to see the country with my own eyes. I loved it here so much I found myself a job and stayed.

I love the international character of Amsterdam; the people are friendly and open. I enjoy cycling, too. I learned to ride a bike in Myanmar, but it’s a very mountainous region and very different from here. I love the canals most. Just cycling along the water and stopping for a coffee is my idea of relaxation. Amsterdam has taught me to enjoy life. I know how to stop and enjoy the simplest things.

I live in the centre of town, behind the Stopera. There are not parks nearby, but I still find it to be an incredible place. I love looking at the tourists from my window. I love tourist; watching them study their maps, wobble on their bikes. There are so many different kinds, which fascinates me. When I had just moved here, I got lost a lot. The worst time was when I decided to run from the Wester Park into the centre. It took me three hours in the pouring rain.

I’m surprised at how many people leave their curtains open here. You can look into all their houses. I find that an uncomfortable feeling, especially when it’s my neighbours. I know them, and don’t want to spy. I always keep my curtains closed. The cheese sandwiches at midday remain a mystery to me. Give me a frikandel! They’re delicious!”

64 people in Amsterdam have the Myanmar nationality


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