This is
Samuel Kingue Ebelle (1961)

Country of origin

In the Nederlands since

Lives in


First impression of Amsterdam 
Rustic and unconstrained

Favourite spot
‘The Vondelpark, Waterlooplein and the Noordermarkt.’

Kindness on the streets

Cameroon in Amsterdam
‘The green colour in the parks and the unconstrained and restfull lifestyle of Amsterdam reminds me of Cameroon.'

Would like to
Start his own bar

“I was born in Cameroon, but brought up in France. Twenty-six years ago I decided to move to Amsterdam looking for excitement in the unknown. When I had lived in France, I would often go to Amsterdam at weekends and was really impressed by what this beautiful city had to offer. I also find the modern, easy-going and relaxed community extremely attractive. Amsterdammers are relaxed, not bothered about making the right impression, and women walk around without wearing any make-up. From the first second, I was captured by the city’s beauty and diversity.

I don’t really miss anything about Cameroon. I’m not a nostalgic person; I like to write my own history. Of course, my past is a part of me, but I try to broaden my horizons. Despite this, I believe that you should never forget your roots, and never lose your identity. This combination leads to harmony. I work in a bar and specialise in making cocktails. Just like a great cocktail, you need to find the right mix and balance in life.

Through this job I come into contact with a wide range of people, cultures and mentalities. It is fun, and educational. Amsterdam’s diversity doesn’t frighten me, but inspires me. It helps me to see the beauty in our differences, instead of concentrating on the conflicts. We need diversity. I don’t believe in religion or politics. Our social aim should be kept simple: to discover harmony.”

122 people in Amsterdam have the Cameroonian nationality. 


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