132 Haiti

This is 
Lynn-Morgan Braaf (2006)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since 

Lives in


Spaghetti, dancing, gymnastics, athletics, judo, streetdance and singing

First impression of Amsterdam

Favourite spot
‘Gardens of West. This are farms where you can canoe and pick fruit and flowers.'

‘The warmth, palmtrees and the sun. And also a really beautiful cave with blue water (bassin blue).

Would like to
Sleep one night in an attraction park

Haiti in Amsterdam
‘Once a year going to the party of the Haitian association in Amsterdam, with Haitiaan food and music.'


“My name is Lynn-Morgan and I’m ten years old. I have lived in Amsterdam for six years. I was born in Port-au-Prince which is the capitol of Haiti. I was adopted. I lived in an orphanage in Haiti. It was fun there. I remember that I had a lot of fun playing there, and that they had a broken car and a swing. And the food was good. I still see some of the children that were there with me, as they also live in the Netherlands. My natural mother died of pneumonia when I was six months old. I don’t know anything about her. Not even what she looked like. My father was very poor and couldn’t look after me, and so I went to live in an orphanage.

I contact my father with Skype. We need a translator because I can’t speak Creole anymore.

My Dutch mother sent me a photo album when I was in Haiti so I knew what she looked like, and it had pictures of Amsterdam where I would be going to live. I first saw her in the Netherlands and gave her a hug. There’s a video of it, and I look really sweet with my chubby cheeks.

Before that there had been an earthquake in Haiti and I had to be evacuated. I was collected by the marines and we slept at the airport. Then we flew to Curacao and from there to Eindhoven. I went with a guardian who carried me and brought me to my mother. When I was sitting on her lap I almost cried. I’d known she was my mother for two years and now, at last, we were together. I knew a little about the Netherlands. They’d told me about Saint Nicholas and black Piet and about football, the Easter bunny, and Koninginnedag.

My mother is single. We do a lot of fun things together. We go for walks, or visit the hedgehog hospital, or look at the Highland cattle. And we go water skiing together and surfing. Some people think I’m from Suriname. I think that’s funny, because my adoptive mother is from Suriname. So no-one can tell I’m adopted. Once I was discriminated against by a boy who called me a ‘brown monkey’. But I told him, ‘you’re a monkey yourself’.

In the May holidays I went with my mother to discover my roots. That’s when I met my father for the first time. It was good to see him. I’m so happy I live here with my mother. When I’m in Haiti I miss things from the Netherlands like amusement parts. They don’t have them in Haiti.”

19 people in Amsterdam have the Haitian nationality


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