131 Guatemala

This is
Edgar Teleguario Queché (1984)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since 

Lives in

Customer Service employee

Crossfit, this is a combination between weightlifting, athletics and gymnastics. 

Would likes to
Swim with his children in the Amsterdam Amstel

Guatemala in Amsterdam
'When I travel over the IJ by ferry I always feel this breeze in my face. This reminds me of the river my birthplace Lago Atitlan.'

'Everybody is always outside in Guatemala. In Amsterdam most people are only outside in the summer but in the winter or when it rains everybody stays inside. In Guatemala everybody is always outdoors.'

“Eight years ago I came to Amsterdam for love. I met Netherlander Annemarie in Guatemala through mutual friends. I never thought I could end up with such a beautiful woman. I came here initially for three months, to see how strong our love was and to see if I could live here.

It was August 2008, and what first attracted my attention was how neat and clean the city was. Guatemala is chaotic; the traffic travels in all directions; but here it’s all structured. It was summer, and remained light until eleven at night. I thought the city was special; the gorgeous canals, beautiful colours and a lot of happy people. It was one of the best summers ever. I felt like I had come to paradise and felt at home immediately.

When I left I was twenty three, still an immature young man. I left everything behind. My mother was very upset, as my brother left around the same time for Germany to study. Dealing with emotion is hard for me, and the first two years I doubted my decision to come here. I was quite frustrated, as I couldn’t work in my first year and only knew the family and friends of my girlfriend. I wanted my own life, too. Now I can say that I am very happy here. I have two beautiful daughters, family and friends, and know how to enjoy myself.

It’s easier to make friends in Guatemala. People make friends during their youth here, and there isn’t much place for new ones. Another difference I have noticed is the way people are brought up. Luckily, Annemarie and I are able to discuss this, but I do have different ideas than here. In Guatemala you thank the cook before you eat and finish your plate. Annemarie is less strict; our four year old doesn’t have to finish her plate. I also used to raise my voice if telling her she wasn’t allowed something. At home I knew that if my father started talking loudly, I’d better watch out. Here it’s seen as shouting. My daughter was my motivation to begin learning Dutch, as you can easily live in Amsterdam speaking English. But the idea that I couldn’t communicate with other parents at the school gates, or with my daughter’s little friends, made me see that it’s really important to learn the language.”

40 people in Amsterdam have the Guatemalan nationality


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