This is
Delphine Groot (1989)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since

Lives in

Owner of the shop Bobo Couture, herewith she brings African mode to Amsterdam

Making people happy

Would love to
Write her own short stories

'Cosiness and warmth of my family and friends. In Amsterdam everybody is always bussy, so you feel a lot of loneliness.'

 Mali in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Zuidoost, because a lot of African people live in this part of Amsterdam.'

“I was born in Mali. When I was eight my mother married a Dutchman and we moved to Wageningen. I lived there for six years. We then emigrated to Togo as my stepfather worked there, and I went to middle school there. When we lived in Wageningen we often came to Amsterdam because my aunt lived there. The first time I was very impressed, especially with The Red Light District. I’d never seen anything like that.

My aunt lived in the Javastraat which was in a lovely multicultural neighbourhood where I would later live myself for three years.  Unfortunately, Oost is changing thanks to the so called gentrification meaning all social housing is becoming privately owned. Rents are increasing and only those with high incomes can afford to rent here.

My studies brought me to Amsterdam; I studied social geography and specialised in international development, but because I believe more in trade than help in developing countries I started up my own company. I design clothing which I have made in Mali and Togo. As a child I travelled a lot and because of this I know how talented local people can be. I want to advertise these talents, at the same way helping the entire local population. The clothing I design is all made using African textiles, although the design has European influences. I this way, I bring two different worlds together.

Six weeks ago I opened my first shop. It’s called ‘Bobo-couture’. Bobo is my Malian tribe. In Africa, everyone is member of a specific tribe with its own traditions and language.”

23 people in Amsterdam have the Malian nationality


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