This is
Rayianur Rahman 

Country of origin

Lives in Amsterdam
7 years

Lives in
Amsterdam South East



First impression of Amsterdam

'My family, I know for sure'

Really would like to
'Become a doctor at Harvard University'

“I was seven when I came here. Amsterdam looked pretty and seemed much better than Bangladesh which is a developing country. I thought it really exciting to go to a new country. We arrived in January and I remember very well how cold I was. I had never been so cold before. And I saw snow for the first time. I always wore layers of thick clothes at the beginning of our time here.

When we first arrived we lived in Osdorp. The kids there didn’t realise that I didn’t speak the language and kept asking me things in Dutch which I definitely couldn’t understand. We now live in Zuid Oost. I go to school in Zuid, at the Sint-Nicholas Lyceum. I study hard as I want to become a doctor. My uncle is a doctor and studied at Harvard. I want to go there.

I’m Muslim and we go to the mosque in the weekend. The Taibah mosque in Zuid Oost is the largest mosque in the Netherlands. It’s traditional that only men go, so I go with my father and brother. You should actually go on Fridays, but then I’m at school.

Amsterdam is a beautiful looking place, totally civilised. It’s not too busy, and lots of nice people live here. They have good rules about how people should treat each other.

I still feel like a foreigner because I’m from another country. I don’t look like an Amsterdammer. I have a different culture and religion. That doesn’t mean I feel discriminated against, because I’m not. I have a Dutch passport and have integrated well here. Last year I visited Bangladesh and thought it was too hot. I like to go back to Bangladesh when I’m on holiday, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I lived there a long time, but Amsterdam is my home.”

288 people in Amsterdam have the Bangladeshi nationality


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