This is
Anthony John (1971)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since

Lives in
Amsterdam Java-Island

Runs a specialist marketing agency

Food and cooking for others.

First impression of Amsterdam
Like stepping into history

Thoughts on the afterlife
My physical shell should improve the lives of others - possibly by recycling all of my parts (if I'm still recyclable!) 

Malaysia in Amsterdam
'Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) are both cultural and ethnic melting pots. From the day I moved here, it was clear that the main cultures of Malaysia - the Chinese, Indian and Malay/Indonesian - were not only superbly represented in Amsterdam, each was thriving! (especially in that area closest to my heart, food!). From the no-nonsense service at Nam Kee on Nieuwemarkt, to the Indian market merchants on Dappermarkt that sell everything imaginable from Asia, to awesome Indonesian take-aways like Warung Solo Baru on Prinsenstraat, I get to experience the delisciousness and culture of Malaysia every day.'


“I was born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, but have lived in the Netherlands for sixteen years, eleven of them in Amsterdam. My wife is an Amsterdammer. She had lived and worked in Malaysia which is how I met her. We got married in Malaysia, and five years later were ready for a new adventure. Why not Amsterdam?

We wanted a big house with a garden like we had had in Malaysia, but when we visited the estate agent in Amsterdam we quickly realised our budget would not stretch to the space we were used to in Malaysia. The prices for the places we wanted were much too high. My wife’s sister lived in Wijk bij Duurstede and when we went to look there we found a house that lived up to our expectations.

I grew up in a large city and now I could enjoy the countryside. Our son was born and life was good.

It was an enormous house of 250 square metres with a garden alongside the Kromme Rijn and a room with a pool table. But the longer we lived here, the smaller the house began to feel. It felt like we were living in a box. Wijk bij Duurstede suffocated us. And that’s how we came to Amsterdam. Now we live in an area of 110 square metres, but it feels like a castle. The moment I step outside, the city offers me a wide range of things to do, so I always have the feeling that the entire city is my home. In the winter I come home from work and feel like I’ve arrived on a holiday island. I’m constantly posting photos on Facebook of the gorgeous sunsets. My family love them. The view from our home is breathtaking.

What I admire and from which I’m also very inspired is the directness of the Amsterdammer. They’re really in your face. In Asia there are all kinds of rules telling you how to behave. For example, you don’t tell people your private business. I don’t think it’s healthy to keep quiet about how you feel. You need to be able to let it all out. The great thing about Amsterdam is that you know what to expect. Personally, this is an important reason for why I want my child to grow up here, so that from a young age he can express his opinions and know they are important. In Malaysia you just do what your parents tell you to do.”

281 people in Amsterdam have the Malaysian nationality


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