This is
Cilia Rodriguez (1990)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since

Lives in
Amsterdam Centre


Peru in Amsterdam
Disctrict the Pijp is also old and hip like Barranco in Lima.

Would like to
That her app Getlooks will used worldwide.

‘My family and the food. At home I cook Peruvian food, but it taste different than in Peru.'

Favorite spot
'I really like the Pijp, it's hip and trendy.' 

“Even though I’ve now lived in Amsterdam for three years, I still get lost without Google maps. I’m not that bright when it comes to finding your way around. My goals is to know this city inside and out within a few years.

I came here seven years ago from Peru. A Dutch girlfriend in Peru had told my about the possibility of studying International Business and Development in Eindhoven, and I thought this very interesting. I meant to return to Peru after my studies, but instead decided to stay here and follow an internship. That was an amazing time! When I got back to Peru, and was offered work in Amsterdam, I immediately knew that was what I wanted.

My mother wasn’t so happy about my leaving; I’m an only child. But I visit every year; I miss my family, but my life is here.

How my future looks? I have no idea. I’ve stopped planning. I’ve been proved time and time again that plans have a way of making themselves.

After being here for seven years I find I have a Latin heart in a Dutch mind. I love the Peruvian people’s warmth. Everyone’s always happy. Even when times are tough, people are always ready to dance. What I don’t like about Peru is that everyone is always late. Two hour’s late is the norm, and I’m a very punctual person. Which means I’m a real Netherlander. I love how everything is organised here. I feel safer. And they really think about their rules. I don’t like the high tax rates and that the Dutch can be so miserly. If you go out, everything’s worked out and divided to the cent.”

365 people in Amsterdam have the Peruvian nationality


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