This is
Arnaud Wiehe (1978)

Country of origin

In Amsterdam since

Lives in
Old- west

Information security

First impression of Amsterdam
Safe and clean

Favorite spot
‘The Hallen and I've started discovering Amsterdam North' 

The music culture and of course the colours that are encountered on a Tropic island. In Mauritius, many people wear colourful clothing, in the Netherlands people are generally more conservative and wear more neutral colours.'

Would like to 
Fly in a helicopter

“The first time I came to Amsterdam was for an interview with a Dutch firm. It was the end of November, was already beginning to get dark, and it was raining. I came out of Centraal Station and walked to the nearest tourist boat and, sitting under cover, explored the Amsterdam canals. A wonderful first encounter. I really enjoyed it. It’s an enormous open air museum. You don’t need to visit museums, the whole city is one. I was only in Amsterdam for a half day, but when I got the job I came here to live.

I live in Oud-west in the Hallen district. When I bought a house here five years ago it was a horrible area, full of dilapidated houses. But they’ve since renovated my entire street and it’s considered an up and coming area. And extremely multicultural. I love the area I live in.

I’m an Amsterdammer, because I contribute to the city and help make it a better place. I’m really enthusiastic about Amsterdam. I don’t just take from it, I give it something back. I have a YouTube channel with all sorts of new information pertaining to Amsterdam, such as the latest restaurants. Amsterdammers could definitely learn something from Mauritius when it comes to service in restaurants. Mauritanians are naturally warm-hearted, which you don’t find in the average Amsterdammer. Restaurant service here is not that friendly. It’s not unfriendly, but neutral. I recently ate in a busy restaurant and when I entered they acted as if they hadn’t even seen me. When I finally managed to get some eye-contact I was put off with a, “Can you wait a minute?” Which didn’t make we want to come back. I find that really bad. If you’re a client and you are prepared to pay a reasonable sum of money to eat somewhere, you shouldn’t be treated as if you are getting in the way. Despite this, I want to live here forever. I’m in the middle of applying for Dutch nationality.”

26 people in Amsterdam have the Mauritian nationality


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