This is
Amsu Giri (2008)

Country of origin

In the Netherlands since


Calculating and swimming

Grandfather and grandmother

Would like to
Become a doctor in a hospital and performance an act with ballet.

“I was born in Nepal and came to live in the Netherlands when I was five. There are lots of mountains in Nepal; Mount Everest is the highest. Lots of tourists come to Nepal and my grandparents live there. They live in a tent as their home was destroyed by an earthquake. I find this horrific. Our old house was also destroyed by this earthquake. We had a really big house. In Amsterdam we have a small one, and I’m not allowed pets. In Nepal we had a cat, dog, goats and birds.

I like Amsterdam. I go to music, gymnastics and swimming classes. I’m in group four of the Montessori school Boven ‘t IJ. My favourite things to do there are origami, crafts and calculus.

I miss my grandparents very much, but I can Skype them. Grandfather wanted to come and live here, but he can’t get a visa. We go to Artis and the Amstel Park. In the weekend mum always takes us there. Dad can’t go because he works seven days a week and studies, too. He has a Nepalese restaurant called Himalayan Kitchen. In Nepal we eat mom which is a kind of dim sum. My favourite foods are chips and ice-cream.

My favourite TV programmes are everything Nickelodeon and the kid’s news channel. That’s where I heard about the earthquake in Nepal. We collected money for the people affected by the earthquake. We sold food at De Hallen and made 1200 Euros.

We don’t know if we will be visiting my grandparents this summer. It costs a lot of money to go to Nepal and this money could be used to renovate our house there. I want to be a doctor. Then I’ll earn lots of money and can help people.”

265 people in Amsterdam have the Nepali nationality


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