This is
Mo Tamimi (1984)

Country of origin

In Amsterdam since

IT professional

Making music

Will be buried
Where his true love will be buried. 

Would like to
'Make music on the streets of Amsterdam.'

'Nothing. I know for sure I'm not going back to Qatar.'

“After I had finished middle school in Qatar I went to Australia to study. After that I spent time in both Paris and London. I wanted to be a man of the world and learn as much as I possibly could. When I first came to Amsterdam, I wanted to experience marijuana.  It didn’t take me long to arrange the trip. I planned a visit, and came here in 2013.

I knew immediately that I wanted to live here. It was one of the strongest feelings I had ever had. I sat in the Old Church coffee shop with pen and paper and decided to write down everything I needed to do to live here. I love the weather here. Rain is a positive phenomenon for me. In Qatar it’s hot all the time. I also love the open-minded community, the multicultural aspect of the city, and the feeling of living in a village when you’re actually in a city. I did everything possible so I could live and work here, and it worked. I have a lovely house on the Utrechtsedwarstraat and really love the neighbourhood.

I left Qatar and started to learn to live together with a variety of different cultures. In Qatar there’s no place for developing one’s consciousness and all media is censored. I never want to return. I can be free here. I have tattoos; I could never have had them done in Qatar. This is how I keep certain memories. I experience something wonderful every day in Amsterdam. I find the people cool and want to stay here forever.”

1 person in Amsterdam has the Qatari nationality


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